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Lily and james potter dating fanfiction

However, life could be so different this time. Before Registration System. What is a witch to do with new chaos? Everyone in the wizarding world knows what happens next. As late as his fifth year, he started wearing glasses, though he had not in his first year.

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She once demanded James to quit jinxing Snape. Everyone realizes that there's something more between James and Lily, though it takes some people longer than others. First kisses and difficult conversations, interrupted by those nearest and dearest. Even Albus and Remus were kept in the dark.

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These qualities came about as a result of his pampered and spoiled upbringing. Meanwhile, art dating site Regulus and Severus face the consequences of their decisions to join the Death Eaters. James's relationship with Lily Evans was initially a rocky one.

They glittered spectacularly in the afternoon sun and Lily grinned. He wonders if there's more lying there than just friendship, and perhaps there always has been. Peter Pettigrew wants to get over his feelings for one of his best friends. For more Harry Potter videos check out Wikia's video library.

Would he still want her if she wasn't exactly what he had expected? He had an excellent relationship with his parents, who loved him very much. All he would give her were one word answers or non-committal grunts and frankly, she was getting quite bored. Between happiness and lust. What if I start snogging the nearest Hufflepuff?

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The footsteps were only a few feet in front of her now- she would catch them. You hardly know me at all. There is growing up to do and rules to be broken. The creek was small, only a meter or two wide, three at its widest point, sugar mama dating and it meandered about behind a few of the lesser-known shops. James lent his head to the side and ran his hand along his jawline.

  1. They can recognize the difference between anger and frustration.
  2. Terrible decisions followed by betrayal followed by grief followed by regret.
  3. This betrayal was something Sirius and Remus later attempted to kill him for.
  4. While James was a popular student and talented Quidditch player, well-liked by most, Lily was unimpressed with him.
  5. However, Snape despised being in James's debt and felt, even twenty years later, that James only saved him to avoid expulsion.
Lily and james potter dating fanfiction
Lily and james potter dating fanfiction

James was a clever and talented wizard, but very mischievous in his youth. The former and his friends were in the middle of bullying, with a spell of Snape's own invention. The first was when they refused to join Voldemort's side when he attempted to recruit them. Now, she's gotta fend for herself and Harry, a responsibility like she's never had before, first with the Dursleys and then on their own. Sirius had, for reasons unknown, told him that the trick to getting past the Whomping Willow was to poke the knot at the bottom.

Known Owners of the Deathly Hallows. She wrapped a thick knit scarf around her neck and pulled on her mittens, stuffing her hands into her pockets when they stepped outside. This faltered slightly where his father was concerned. They stopped in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady and Lily turned to him smiling. Follows Harry as he explores his new relationships with friends, reviews plenty fish family and consort.

Dating James Potter Chapter 1 a harry potter fanfic

Lily had no idea what the point of all this was, and by now she was beginning to suspect that James didn't either. Could he prove he really had matured? He was arrogant and boastful, and occasionally bullied and jinxed other students just for fun, particularly his long-time rival, Severus Snape. Hence, it was no surprise that he grew to be proud, arrogant, and boastful, but deep down still a good person.

When James and Lily were murdered by Voldemort, Dumbledore was devastated. And what if James had the opportunity to meet the real Lily Evans? If I don't try and I fail, then I'll spend the rest of my life wondering what would have happened if I had tried. However, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black assured him that his father was no longer the bully that he once was.

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Lily Evans and James Potter. He also finally managed to impress Lily Evans, and began dating her at this time. Updating is sporadic at best, but I will do my best! They agreed and Dumbledore cast the charm in secret, but this attempt at a double-bluff ended in tragedy.

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Later, it is revealed that James and Snape would regularly pass snide remarks and taunts towards each other. Is it really just A Werewolf Thing or something far more? Snape intervened by pleading for Lily's life, while ignoring the danger into which his actions put James and Harry.

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Lily and James The Best of the Best

Though Lily and James were invited to the wedding, Petunia refused to have Lily as a bridesmaid, upsetting her deeply. However, even in this stage of arrogance, he still displayed some positive qualities of character. James and his wife as members of the original Order of the Phoenix. Under the pressure of the war, the Marauders are falling apart. Your review has been posted.

Around all the trees that were in the bank of the creek, about a foot up the trunk, were rings of ice with small icicles hanging down from them. His father was Sorted in Gryffindor and used to tell him about how the house prized bravery and boldness above all other qualities. Now, argentina the statement Sirius loved was something of a commonplace.

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Lily and james potter dating fanfiction

She might be forced to find out. That is, until she was murdered by a mangey bird and reborn into a world of magic, wonder, and hate. Now after over a year of torture at the hands of Death Eaters Hermione Granger has a chance to save the world.

  • It was only supposed to be one date.
  • Sirius is a model Remus is in a band They become friends with benefits, which sounds good in theory.
  • James had suspended Snape in the air and went as far as taking Snape's trousers off in front of a large crowd of students.
  • He stopped hexing bystanders for fun, though he still secretly hexed Snape, and in turn, Snape never lost an opportunity to hex him back.

However, James and Lily were forced to go into hiding after a prophecy was made concerning Voldemort and their infant son. James meets Lily and his whole world is about to change. Lily lent forward, resting her arms on the table, so she could hear what he was saying. She figured that they'd go on the date, he'd realize his mistake and then stop thinking that he fancied her and she could go on with her life, James Potter just a small, annoying, blimp in the past. He was still Potter, and she hadn't quite forgotten all of the reasons that she didn't normally speak to him.

Lily and james potter dating fanfiction

There he was, standing in a familiar setting with some of those he trusted and a few he wouldn't have dared to. Most werewolves don't even have a single person to turn to. Less than a week later, Peter betrayed the Potters to Voldemort.

Will do my best to make sure spelling and what-not is accurate. It won't be long before her problem notices. After death, Dumbledore was amused and impressed that James, Sirius and Peter became Animagi without his knowledge. Harry described their very presence as his courage, the reason he was able to keep putting one foot in front of the other, with Lily smiling at him, and James nodding in encouragement.

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